A little gift for my dearest friend chicspice!

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TTuTT nami you are the best ever oh my god this is more than i could ever ask for thank you so much (and thanks to lovely friend anna who is the main brain child of this badass beauty) 

skyneverthelimit said: your art is beautiful!

QUQ omg thank you so much your art is so gorgeous i love your indian princess ocs

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transparent characters oh w ow such fun

oh boy its time for something i should have done ages ago a character line up of my girl and the naomh project


she’s the one named sailor moon

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reblogging for my art friends (trust me you don’t want me to do this)

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reblogging for my art friends (trust me you don’t want me to do this)

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Saoirse fanart! She’s the adorable little oc of my dear friend Laura

oh my god this is perfect and amazing thank you so much TTUTT

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My dear friend and fellow character sadist Chicspice has the plague. If I still lived within biking distance of her house I would go over there, chew up her food, and feed it to her as a mother bird would feed her helpless fledgling chicks. But since I live in another state now, I can’t do that. I can only draw pictures of her OCs and post them on tumblr.

This is Pieta, her OC (well, our OC since I came up with the initial character), from her lovely story in the works The Garden of Vedette. Check out her stuff, you won’t be sorry. She’s cooler than me, I promise.

There might be more to come. This was actually done pretty quickly, I just got distracted all over the place.

TTuTT thank you so much friend i really really appreciate it~

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art for me yay  The Garden of Vedette  pieta  

so apparently this blog is two years old today whoop whoop